Suspected cockfighting ring raided on SW Side

72 roosters, hens seized in raid

SAN ANTONIO – A Wednesday afternoon raid uncovered dozens of roosters and hens, evidence of possible cockfighting on the Southwest Side, investigators said.

Even baby chicks and unhatched eggs were seized, Animal Care Services and San Antonio police officials said.

They said based on the evidence found, the 72 roosters, hens and baby chicks that were seized were destined for the cockfighting ring.

"It's a brutal, brutal sport that they refer to as a sport, but in cockfighting, at least one of the animals will die an awful, painful death," ACS Field Operations supervisor Andrea Houghton said.

Officials said San Antonio police's Blue Eagle police helicopter, which was helping pursue a burglary suspect about a month ago, spotted the cages and the birds down below.

Armed with a search warrant, investigators found birds of all sizes being bred, raised and trained for cockfighting.

But they said most appeared thin and lacked water.

"You would think that when someone is raising an animal to fight, they would consider them an athlete," Houghton said. "But often times in between fights, they are not cared for very well."

They were carried out in individual carriers. Once at ACS, they'll be checked out by veterinarians, then kept while the investigation continues.

No arrests were announced Wendesday, however a new ACS-SAPD task force targeting animal fighting operations is conducting the investigation.