What this Arkansas teen pulled from his ear is frightening


SALINE COUNTY, AR – A Saline County teenager woke up Tuesday morning with excruciating pain in one of his ears. Grant Botti, 14, says he felt something strange in his ear and decided to grab hold of it. What he pulled out, would shock everyone.

It was a 4-inch long centipede. Grant's mom, Angela Botti, put the still-alive centipede in a plastic bag and took Grant to the emergency room because he was still in pain.

A doctor at Saline Memorial examined Grant's ear, finding some small abrasions in his ear drum. He was treated and released.

Grant's mom says they don't know where the centipede came from, but that Grant had been outdoors swimming recently.

Doctors and nurses at Saline Memorial told the family they have seen people come in with all kinds of things in their ears, but that centipede was a first.