Child killed in tragic accident at SW Bexar truck stop

1-year-old child fatally struck by big rig at Pilot truck stop in SW Bexar County

SAN ANTONIO – A 1-year-old boy was struck and killed by a big rig in the parking lot of a truck stop in southwest Bexar County late Wednesday night.

The accident happened around 10:30 p.m. at the Pilot truck stop off Interstate 35 and Loop 1604.

According to witnesses, a family from Laredo in an 18-wheeler stopped at the truck stop to get fuel when the boy, 16-month-old Noel Torres, ran through the parking lot toward the store.

The driver of another big rig pulled out of a fueling bay, did not see the child and ran him over, the release stated.

"The truck in the bay next to them was pulling out from the gas bay, the driver heard a noise and quickly realized he had run over the child that had been playing in that area," said Bexar County Sheriff's Office spokesman James Keith.

Keith said no charges were immediately filed, and it appeared to be just a tragic accident.

Mustaf Igal, another truck driver who stopped at the Pilot after the accident, said he was struck by the little boy's grieving parents.

"They were sad. They were crying. It was awful. I feel very sad," he said.

He added that the accident was one of his worst nightmares as a driver.

"With some trucks, you cannot see that high of two or three years old. You weren't able to see unless you see they run on the side," Igal said.

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