Rescue organization trains dogs to be service animals

In Dog We Trust founders meet anonymous fund raiser

SAN ANTONIO – A dog rescue organization run by a local couple caught the eye of a local Home Depot employee, who is helping raise funds. Thursday, they all met for the first time.

Each day in San Antonio, anywhere from 10 to 20 dogs are euthanized because of overpopulation.

"So all the rescues and fosters come together to pull those dogs," said Cherry Jenkins, who runs In Dog We Trust with her husband, Gregg.

The organization rescues dogs that will eventually become service animals for veterans.

"Duke here is one of them," Cherry Jenkins said of a Great Dane mix. "He was rescued within an hour of being destroyed. And he's got the temperament we look for."

The Jenkins run the rescue out of their home, where they take the hand-picked dogs, nurse them back to health and give them basic service dog training.

Even basic service dog training takes even longer than regular training. Duke could have to train for three months before he's released to a veteran. Once the Jenkins find a loving home for the animals, the dogs are typically sent to a bigger service training program.

It's a long, difficult process and local Home Depot MET Team employee Sylvia Sheppard took notice while doing some research.

"When they can't adopt a dog out they have to use their money to get the dogs food, get the dogs fixed, medical costs, stuff like that," Sheppard said.

So with the approval of her boss, she decided to help.

"My husband went ahead and built a dog house cabinet for the food, the toys and stuff, and this other box was for the chemicals and stuff," Sheppard said.

Over the past two weeks, fellow employees and other local businesses have donated items and money in the boxes placed at the Home Depot store.

"It's just absolutely overwhelming," Cherry Jenkins said.

It's the kind of support that will allow the Jenkins' hard work to continue.

"It's worth it," Gregg Jenkins said.

For more information on In Dog We Trust and to see some of the veterans who have adopted its dogs, click here.

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