Veterans enjoy Whataburger lunch ahead of July 4 weekend

Event at VA Hospital organized by Soldiers' Angels

SAN ANTONIO – Two local companies came together Thursday to say "Thank you" to veterans at the San Antonio VA Hospital ahead of the Fourth of July Weekend.

The Soldiers' Angels organization partnered with Whataburger to serve the veterans meal.

Donald Crowley spent nine years of his life serving in the U.S. Army.

"I served from '83 to '87 and from '89 to '93," he said. "I served in Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia and Germany. I would have to say that Germany was the most interesting."

Now, he spends a lot of his time at the San Antonio VA Hospital.

"I deal with a bipolar disorder and I went through a program called Stepping Stones, which basically helps you to understand what you're dealing with and gives you tools on how to live a healthier life," Crowley said.

He's doing great and said bonding with other veterans like himself helps a lot.

"I've made a lot of friends here and we can understand one another, so there's a lot of support amongst us," Crowley said.

That bonding happens at free events like Thursday's Whataburger-sponsored lunch.

"You can never do enough networking, and I see the support from them and other programs in San Antonio, and it means a lot to us," Crowley said.

Soldiers' Angels delivers lunches to VA facilities in San Antonio every month and also delivers donations every week.

"We visit veterans, bringing them blankets, comfort items, hygiene products, hygiene packs, boxed lunches, whatever the need is," said Heather Krauss, with Soldier's Angels.

Krauss said it's even more important to do something special for the veterans this close to July 4.

"Whenever we show up, they're excited, they're happy, they're feeling thanked, which is something that is very important to us," she said.

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