Consumer Roundup: Toll scam making rounds

P&G adding bitter taste to laundry detergent pods


SAN ANTONIO – A phishing scam is making a comeback, landing in inboxes disguised as a bill for driving on a toll road.

The email comes with an official-looking logo for EZ-Pass and informs the recipient that  he has not paid for using a toll road. It also includes a link to download an invoice to pay up.

It's a scam that's well-traveled. Texas does not even have EZ-Pass. Toll authorities have warned consumers not to click on the link because it leads to a virus and attempts to steal your private information.

If you think they do have a legitimate bill for a toll road, contact the toll collector directly.

Procter and Gamble makes changes to laundry pods

Procter and Gamble is making more changes to its popular laundry detergent pods, the ones many children have consumed because  the  colorful pods look like candy.

The company, which makes Tide and Gain, announced it is adding a bitter taste to the outer film and reengineering the packs to withstand the squeezing pressure of a small child. The company has previously changed the containers to an opaque style with tops that they say are more difficult for children to open. The company is also launching a campaign to educate parents to keep the detergent out of the reach of children.

Poison Control Centers have received thousands of reports of children ingesting the detergents.

Otteroo recalls baby floats

Otteroo is recalling thousands of inflatable baby floats. This comes after the firm has received 54 reports of the seams breaking. The Consumer Product Safety Commission warns the floats can deflate and pose a drowning risk.

Consumers should contact the company for a replacement.  For more information: www.cpsc.gov.

Aug. 7-9 sales tax holiday

If you're looking to save money on that back-to-school shopping, circle August 7-9 on your calendar.

That weekend is the state's annual tax holiday. Shoppers do not pay state or local sales tax on most clothing, shoes, backpacks and school supplies. 

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