No progress in police union talks in first meeting since March

City calls union wage proposal 'a disappointment'

SAN ANTONIO – For the first time since March, negotiators from the city of San Antonio and the San Antonio Police Officers Association met Friday in an effort to come up with a police contract.

In March, the city offered officers a 10.8 percent salary hike.

SAPOA countered Friday with a 14 percent proposal.

"It was disappointing in terms of ... it seems the wage package that has been offered by the union was more expensive to the city than the prior offer," city negotiator Jeff Londa said after the three-hour meeting.

Londa said that the union's latest health care proposal was also more expensive.

Click here to read a SAPOA release on its proposal.

"It does not seem to stay within the 66 percent of the general fund, as has been the dictate of the council," he said.

Londa said the proposals offered Friday by the union need to be studied more as they "cost out" the numbers.

"It's hard to make some people happy," SAPOA vice president Detective Dean Fischer said after the meeting. "We know that we're doing everything that we need to do to help council hit their goal."

The council has set a goal to keep public safety spending at 66 percent of the city budget.

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