SAPD officers use Taser on woman during struggle

Woman, man accused of fighting with officer after shoplifting

SAN ANTONIO – A San Antonio police officer used his Taser on a woman who he said fought with him as he tried to arrest her and an accomplice in connection with a shoplifting case.

The officer was one of several who responded to a call after 8 a.m. Friday about a theft at Walgreens on Babcock Road near Prue Road.

"They went in there, grabbed some merchandise," said SAPD Sgt. Michael Oliva. "After they grabbed the merchandise, they just put it in a bag and took off running. "

Oliva said the officer began driving around the area in an effort to locate the suspects, ultimately finding them about a quarter-mile away, in the 11500 block of Spring Trail Drive.

"We came outside and I just saw the cops driving by and some guy they told him to just get down to the ground and grabbed him up," said Jared Newmaker, who lives in the neighborhood and saw some of the commotion.

Oliva said the officer managed to put one side of the handcuffs on the man's wrist before the woman put up a fight.

"When he puts the male prisoner down on the ground so he can finish handcuffing him and subduing him, the female, at that time, grabs the officer by the neck," he said.

"(He) ends up having to (use a Taser on) her a couple of times, finally (uses the Taser), handcuffs her, subdues her."

Oliva said the man then tried run away, but officers caught him and arrested him, too.

Police believe that the couple had fled to the neighborhood, hoping to hide out in the home of a relative.  However, they were turned away at the door, police said.

Both suspects face charges of theft and the possibility of additional charges.

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