Dramatic video shows hit-and-run driver plow through crowd (graphic video)

WARNING: The video posted above is considered by some to be graphic in nature.

ST. LOUIS -- Police in East St. Louis are on the lookout for a teenage driver who they said intentionally plowed her car into a crowd during a fight between a group of women.

Police say the incident was reported on June 27 at a park, and was captured on a cellphone camera.  

Some of the women were armed with mace and a Taser weapon. 

The fight escalated until an 18-year-old woman intentionally struck some of the women involved in the disturbance, police said.

The women were thrown into the air, but got back up and were not seriously injured, police said.  

The driver fled the scene, but police believe that they know who was behind the wheel.

The driver is expected to face charges. However, police want to hear her side of the story to determine if more charges need to be filed or what prompted the teen to run into the crowd.