Hands-free ordinance goes into effect in another area city

City Council approved hand-held device ban in June


SAN ANTONIO – A citywide ban on the use of hand-held communication devices took effect Monday in Schertz.

The City Council approved the hands-free ordinance June 16 by a vote of 3-2.

In accordance with state law, signs alerting drivers to the ban have been posted at each point in which a state, U.S. or interstate highway enters the Schertz city limits, the city said.

According to the city, the Schertz ordinance is identical in scope to that of San Antonio's.

It prohibits the use of hand-held devices to "engage in a call, send, read or write a text message, view pictures or written text, whether transmitted by Internet or other electronic means, engage in gaming, or engaging in any other use of the device while operating a motor vehicle."

There will be a 60-day grace period before violators must pay a $200 fine.

Visit the city's website to learn more.