KSAT Community 'Shred Day' held Saturday morning

SAN ANTONIO – Hundreds of people took advantage of the KSAT Community Shred Day event Saturday morning at three San Antonio locations.

People were able to de-clutter homes and offices by getting rid of important documents in a safe way.

Residents brought boxes of papers and documents to be thrown into the shredder. 

Rick Korge came out to the Shred-it on Fairgrounds Parkway, ditching his old method of destroying sensitive materials.

"I used to burn it in a barbecue pit. That's no good," he said.

Shred-it Service Manager Mike Guajardo described the process.

"Once they show up, we put them into our 95-gallon containers, pretty much put those up into the truck and literally those two boxes are gone within seconds," Guajardo said.

Korge said the shredding method is preferable to his barbecue pit.

"It's a lot easier, a lot more convenient," he said. "Identity theft, it's just a monster thing right now."

Linda Wallen also brought documents to be shredded. 

"I do shred everything because I do worry about identity theft," Wallen said.

Every piece of paper Shred-it processes is recycled, a win-win for the community.

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