Operation Float A Soldier gives families hope

Volunteers helped wounded warriors have fun on the water Saturday

SAN ANTONIO – It was another hot summer day in San Antonio on Saturday, but it was also a day of fun for one group of wounded warriors and their families.

Volunteers with Operation Float A Soldier took the wounded veterans to Canyon Lake on Saturday to get them out on the water and enjoy the day with family.

"We get them out on wave runners, on boats and on kayaks," said Seth Warnick with Operation Float A Soldier. "We have a sailboat and we do tubing. It's just really like a big family picnic."

Volunteers with Operation Float A Soldier made this day possible as a way of saying "thank you" to the wounded warriors and their families.

"As we see the guys and gals coming back from Afghanistan and Iraq, Wes and I came together and put this together and it really turned into a grassroots organization where a lot of folks just in the community, started to give back," said Warnick. "We all have full time jobs, but we do it as a labor of love."

Operation Float A Soldier helps wounded warriors who are struggling with injuries and provides them with hope.

Mario Haddad, who was injured while serving in the Army in Germany, says the organization helped him, and now he wants to give back.

"When I was here as a wounded warrior, I enjoyed myself so much and meeting all these people who wanted to make wounded soldiers happier," said Haddad. "It was my way to give back and help my brothers and sisters in arms."

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