Caught on camera: Playboy model parties with pilot during flight


Photos have surfaced of a Playboy model partying in a cockpit with a pilot during a trans-Atlantic flight.

The incident occurred in 2013 on a Kuwait Airways flight from London to New York City.

The model, Khloe Kahn, claimed that the pilot invited her and a friend up to the flight deck, where she said she sat on his lap, pushed buttons on the flight controls and took a few selfies.   

Last month, a pilot in Argentina allowed a model to sit in the cockpit during a flight.

The Federal Aviation Administration forbids that kind of behavior for U.S. carriers.  

Federal regulations specify that no flight crew member may engage in, or allow any activity during a critical phase of flight that could distract any flight crew member.  

However, the FAA says it has no jurisdiction over foreign air carriers in international airspace, even if those flights carry Americans heading to the United States.

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