High school bands combat summer heat


SAN ANTONIO – Kids are already getting ready for this upcoming school year as their summer break begins to wind down.

The marching bands at Northside Independent School District had their first practices Tuesday.

Marshall High School's marching band was up bright and early trying to get a first run-through in before the sun really started to beat on them.

Even though it was early, some of the kids were already breaking a sweat.

To make sure each of the band members are safe, teachers and assigned student leaders are trained to lookout for anyone feeling the effects of the heat.

"We don't want to risk anyone throwing up because the moment that happens, they're really dehydrated and they need to go home and replenish those fluids," Marshall High School Assistant Band Director Daniel Person said.

To prevent nausea, vomiting and any type of heat-related illness, band members are given frequent water breaks. A lot of them drinking up to a gallon of water at practice.

"Even out here holding the instrument up, it's still about 7-8 pounds and it's heavy and it's hot," Sophia Silva, one of the student leaders, said.

"We stay cool and hydrated because we take, like, four-minute breaks," sophomore Jacob Garza added.

Many students wear hats and sunglasses to help with the glare when the sun hits their instruments.

"In marching band, we have to look straight a lot or look up, so we have to wear hats to shade us and it keeps our body temps down," Silva said.

Once school starts, the band department will issue every band member a backpack with a water bag inside so they can stay hydrated at all times.

"They actually have a water source on them that they can sip at any time during the practice," Person said.