Multiple firearms stolen from Boerne storage facility

40 units broken into in early morning burglary

SAN ANTONIO – Investigators in Kendall County are searching for the suspects responsible for a major break in at a Boerne storage facility.

According to Sheriff Al Auxier, the thieves cut the locks to at least 40 storage units at Self Storage of Boerne. So far only two people have reported items stolen.

 Nine rifles and ammo were taken from Justin Paulk's storage locker.

"It's a public safety issue anytime a thief has a firearm in their control," Paulk said. "I had a lot invested in them, and then there's a few that are sentimental that were my grandads and handed down to myself. It's a lot of money to lose in one night."  

The burglary happened in the early morning hours on Thurasday. Investigators said there were no signs of forced entry, meaning the suspects had the code to the security gate.

The storage facility is equipped with cameras, but Auxier said they're unlikely to yield any leads.

"The facility didn't have a video recording unit to record anything that went on during that time," he said.

Investigators are hopeful they can track the stolen guns using their serial numbers.

"All the stolen information, serial numbers or anything that we know of, has already been entered in a database," Auxier said. "If it does surface somewhere else, at least it will be known as stolen property."

Self Storage of Boerne is not the only business to recently fall victim to burglars. Auxier said another storage facility was hit in the last six months, although it was on a smaller scale.

The suspects also stole a flat-screen TV, bringing the total amount of property they got away with to approximately $30,000.

"I'm absolutely heart-stricken hopeful that something will pop up," Paulk said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Kendall County Sheriff's office at 830-249-9721.