Summit to help city develop guidelines on feeding homeless

Charity organizations to offer input at Tuesday's meeting


SAN ANTONIO – The city of San Antonio will host a summit Tuesday to help develop guidelines for those wanting to help feed the city's homeless population.

The meeting will be hosted by the city's Department of Human Services to get input from charitable organizations and homeless providers.

City Council members, Metro Health staff members, the San Antonio Police Department and other city officials are also scheduled to attend.

There are currently no specific rules on feeding the homeless, the city said. The summit aims to help leaders develop policies.

The meeting was set about two weeks ago after the city dismissed a citation against Joan Cheever, who was cited for how she fed the homeless.

In April, Cheever, founder of the Chow Train, was ticketed for feeding the homeless at a local park out of a personal vehicle instead of the food truck she has a permit to use.

"The city of San Antonio is committed to supporting the actions of compassionate citizens while protecting the health and safety of the homeless and the environment," Department of Human Services Director Melody Woosley said in a statement. "We look forward to having a thoughtful discussion tomorrow and encourage organizations and individuals currently offering these services to attend the summit to provide their input and coordinate with other service providers."