News Photographer (Full-Time)



Shoot and edit news stories in a style that is professional, appealing and reflects high journalistic standards. 

Perform all aspects of ENG photography, including non-linear editing. 

Respond quickly to breaking news. Set up microwave and DSNG remotes in a safe and efficient manner. Use your smartphone to send video of breaking news and to update stories for air and on KSAT.com. 

Meet deadlines. 

Work closely with reporters to produce appealing stories that are well lit, marry video with words, demonstrate choreographed stand ups, make good use of natural sound and utilize state-of-the-art production techniques. 

Have the ability and skill to tell a story with a camera and to take accurate notes if working alone. 

Maintain station-assigned camera and assorted equipment. See that all are kept clean, in good repair and stored properly on assignment, at the station and when off the KSAT premise. 

Drive all station vehicles in a safe manner. Maintain a good driving record. Know and follow all safety rules and proper procedures associated with the responsibilities of the job. 

Keep informed of contemporary television journalism standards and practices. 

Maintain awareness of new forms of communications with an eye toward implementing them on newscasts, KSAT.com and other media platforms. 

Other duties as assigned


Prefer candidate with education background in communications/journalism. 

Minimum two years prior ENG photography experience. 

Hold a valid Texas driver's license and ability to maintain a safe driving record 

Contact Information: 

Dave Tarr 

1408 North St. Mary's 

San Antonio, Texas 78215