UT System launching comprehensive sexual assault study

Security Report: Six forcible sexual offenses on UTSA campuses

SAN ANTONIO – The University of Texas Health System announced Wednesday that most of its campuses will be participating in a comprehensive sexual assault study this fall.

The $1.7 million multi-year study will include dating violence, stalking and sexual harassment at 13 of its college and medical campuses.

The study will also include a four-year cohort course for entering freshmen.

Students, faculty and staff have been asked to participate in online questionnaires, surveys and focus groups.

University officials told students they should be on the lookout for warning signs.

"I really feel like this is a safe college to be around, but yet again I'm new to the city here so I don't really know the people," said Caroline Mosqueda, UTSA freshman "And you never know because there's all types of people out there."

Research shows victims of sexual assault may change majors, delay graduation or drop out of school all together.

According to the latest UTSA's latest security report, in 2013, there were six reported forcible sexual offenses on campus.