LIVE BLOG: "Happy Hour" debate


Seven Republican candidates did not make the cut for the first prime time debate. They will instead debate in an afternoon debate many call the "Happy Hour Debate."

The participating candidates are former Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former New York Gov. George Pataki, former HP executive Carly Fiorina, former Pennsylvania Sen. Rick Santorum; Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal; South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham; and former Virginia Gov. Jim Gilmore.

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4pm: Candidates have been introduced. There's a small audience cheering for each candidate. The debate will last one hour.


PERRY: "The preparation to be the most powerful individual in the world requires an extraordinary amount of work." Perry cites his economic track record in Texas. "Americans are going to see that I'm ready to be that individual."

4:03: FIORINA: She cites her business background. "To be Commander in Chief in the 21st Century, you need a business background...understands bureaucracy...technology...leadership."

4:04: SANTORUM: "We didn't start out four years ago at the top of the heap. Americans are looking for someone who is going to fight for them." He said he did well in the last election because he has a track record of getting things done when he was in the U.S. Senate.

4:06: JINDAL: "I ran for office to make the generational changes in Louisiana." He cited economic growth, school choice in Louisiana under his leadership. "Both democrats and republicans have gotten us into the mess we're in."

4:07: GRAHAM: He wants to focus on the environment, making the country energy independent. "The choice between a weak economy and a strong environment is a false choice."

4:08: PATAKI: "The party needs someone who isn't a career politician and has been out of office for a while." He said four years ago he was ready to lead, but he wasn't ready to run. "We need new leadership. I will be that new leader."

4:10: GILMORE: He cited his background as a prosecutor, in the military and as governor. "I understand how to build the economy...and foreign policy issues."


PERRY: Back in 2007, Rudy Giuliani was leading the polls. I've had my issues with Donald Trump. How can you run for the republican nomination and be for single payer health care? Nobody on either one of these stages has done more than I have to secure the border. We need a president that doesn't just talk a game, but a president who has real results.

FIORINA: He is the party's front-runner right now. I think he's tapped into an anger that people feel. They're sick of politics as usual. I would ask what are the principles by which you will govern?


JINDAL: Islam has a problem and that problem is radical Islam. The president says we're going to change hearts and minds. We're going to take the political handcuffs off the military.

GRAHAM: If we don't stop them over there, they are coming here just as sure as I stand here in front of you. If you don't understand we need more ground forces in Iraq...then you're not ready to be commander in chief.

PATAKI: Religious liberty doesn't include a fellow American to engage in jihad. We have to shut down their Internet capability. We have got to destroy their training camps before they can attack us here over there and then get out.

FIORINA: It is disturbing that every time one of these home-grown terrorist attacks occurs...it turns out some dot wasn't connected. We need to get on a different mindset. We need to tear down cyber walls on a targeted basis. We need to be well aware of the fact that China and Russia are using it to attack us.There is more collaboration required between private sector companies and the public sector.

GILMORE: We warned of the 9/11 attack before an attack occurred. It's going to happen in this country. We have to be able to prepare the people, defend them.


SANTORUM: We're a country of laws, not of man, not of people whatever they want to do. The reason America is a great country...is because our compassion is in our laws.

PERRY: Americans are tired of hearing this debate want to go to what are you going to do about illegal immigration. For 30 years, this country has been baited with that. We hear all of this discussion, when the fact is the border is still porous.  


GRAHAM: Until you change the policies of Barack Obama, we're never going to grow the economy. Hillary Clinton represents a third Barack Obama term. -- Graham spent most of his minute talking about Clinton

SANTORUM: We have to create better paying jobs. We haven't. If we want to create jobs for people having a hard time getting off government benefits, putting people back to work in manufacturing is it.

GILMORE: We're going to grow the economy so we can give people better opportunities so they won't have to depend on benefits. We're going to do a tax cut for all Americans.

JINDAL: This isn't free money. We are borrowing money from China today. I don't think anybody should be expanding Medicaid. We've got to stop the culture of government dependence.

PATAKI: Obamacare should be repealed. There were fewer people on welfare when I left office. -- He didn't really answer the question posed


PERRY: We need to be on the side that keeps Iran from getting a nuclear weapon. We need coalitions on that side of the world to go after ISIS. The idea that this negotiation -- I would rather have Carly Fiorina doing our negotiation than John Kerry. Maybe we would have had a deal where we didn't give everything away.

FIORINA: I hope Congress says no to this deal. We have to stop the money flow. When America does not lead, the world is a dangerous place. Our allies are not perfect, but Iran is at the heart of most of the evil that is going on.


SANTORUM: This (same sex marriage) is a rogue supreme court decision. These Planned Parenthood tapes are showing partial birth abortions. We have every right to stand up and say what is constitutional. Sometimes it just takes someone to lead and stand up to the court.

GILMORE: I believe we should be appointing supreme court justices who will uphold the law and not make the law. They have to have some legal basis and precedence. (Went back to talking about Iran) I propose a Middle East NATO to stand up to ISIL.


PATAKI: My heart has not changed. I've always been appalled by abortion. Roe v. Wade has been the law for 42 years, and we shouldn't change it. We should defund Planned Parenthood. The videos show a hideous disrespect for life. We should believe in science. Doctors say at 20 years that is a viable life inside the womb. We have a right and should protect it. We should outlaw abortion after 20 weeks.

JINDAL: This is absolutely disgusting. We need to defund Planned Parenthood. We kicked them out of Medicaid. They don't perform abortions in Louisiana. It's time for republicans in D.C. to fight. They should fight to defund Planned Parenthood.

GRAHAM: I don't think it's a war on women for all of us to stand up and fight against the harvesting of organs from unborn children. (Changed topic to switch to putting troops overseas)


GILMORE: I'd look at every executive order that exists now and determine which ones need to be voided.

GRAHAM: Change the Mexico City policy, not take one penny to fund abortion.

JINDAL: Repeal unconstitutional illegal laws -- amnesty, making sure IRS is not targeting religious groups.

PERRY: Iran negotiation is going to be torn up on day one, start the process of securing the border.

SANTORUM: Suspend and repeal every executive order, regulation that cost American jobs. Institute an executive to make sure people of faith are not targeted by the government.

FIORINA: Begin by undoing a whole set of things Obama has done - amnesty, EPA regulations.

PATAKI: (Didn't really address the question, instead rattled off economic success in New York)



FIORINA: We have arrived at a point in our nation's history where the potential in too many Americans is being crushed...by the federal government.

SANTORUM: We need to elect someone who stands with the American people...but has a record of being able to get things done in Washington.

GRAHAM: Whatever it takes to defend our nation, I will do. I will be the Ronald Reagan if I can find a Tip O'Neill. I will put the country ahead of the party.


PATAKI: Devisive and with no vision at all.

FIORINA: Not trustworthy, no accomplishment at all.

SANTORUM: Secretive and untrustworthy.

PERRY: Good at email.

JINDAL: Socialist and government dependent.

GRAHAM: Not the change we need at a time when we need it.

GILMORE: Professional politician that can't be trusted.


PERRY: Americans are looking for somebody that's going to give them hope. There is a place that talked about hope every day...and that was the state of Texas. We can do that in America. We can put America back on track in a growth level that we've never seen. It just needs a corporate executive type that's done this before. Nobody's done this like Rick Perry has done it for eight years.

SANTORUM: Immigration is an example of what's broken and wrong with America. There's nobody out there looking out for the American worker. I'm the only one with a plan to reduce immigration and help the American worker. You've got someone who's going to help and give hope to America.

JINDAL: We've got a lot of great talkers running for president. we've got a great talker in the White House. We need a doer, not a talker. We must insist on assimilation. We need to tell people if they want to come here, they need to come here legally. I've got the backbone, the experience to get us through this. It's time to believe in America again.

FIORINA: We need a nominee who is going to throw every punch and someone who is not going to stumble before he even gets into the ring. I will lead the resurgence of this great nation.

GRAHAM: Our best days are ahead of us if we work together.

PATAKI: I can govern by bringing people together. When I left (after 9/11), we were stronger. People can promise you something, I delivered in the blue state of New York.

GILMORE: It's time for real substance and real experience.