CPS: Energy use up across Texas

Hot weather has led to record-breaking energy use statewide


SAN ANTONIO – Hot weather has led to record-breaking energy consumption statewide in the past two weeks. In CPS's portion of the grid, it has been more than normal but still a little below the record.

Regardless, CPS power plants are producing every megawatt they can to keep up with the demand.

"In general we've been producing as much power as our plants can supply," said John Bonnin,  CPS Energy’s interim vice president for Energy Supply and Market Operations. "Because the grid's so tight, every megawatt that can be produced is being produced at our power plants."

 A break in the weather should offer some relief this week, which is traditionally the busiest time for energy consumption. That's because during the week before school starts, teachers are already back in school and kids are still at home.

However, Bonnin says temperatures could pick up next week and put us in the same situation.

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