Tips to drive safe in school zones

As kids head back to school, drivers may need a refresher course on what to do when school zone lights are flashing. Officer Marcus Trujillo has these tips:

"Let’s talk about the reduced speed for school zones.

Some people have asked, "Do I have to pay attention to the flashing lights that indicate I need to reduce my speed for the school zone even though it's summer time and school’s out?"

Remember: here in Texas we do have some schools that do go year-round.

We also have school functions that are operating during those summer months when most other kids are out of school.

Third, you need to pay attention to what the sign says. The sign actually says reduced speed when lights are flashing. All the school zone signs with the flashing lights will have that sign on there which means it doesn't matter which time of the day or night it is, it doesn't matter what day of the month it is, if those lights are flashing, you need to reduce that speed or you could receive a ticket for exceeding that school zone speed limit.

The school zone limit and no cell phone ban that we have here in San Antonio extends to all school zones.

There's a state law - that's statewide - for no hand-held devices in any school zones.

The city ordinance applies to no hand-held devices on any City of San Antonio roadway. You have two different laws: one applies to all school zones, one applies to all roads here in the City of San Antonio."