Bexar jailer cut in fight with inmate

Christobal Martinez-Rodriguez, 22, charged with assault


SAN ANTONIO – A worker at the Bexar County Jail was injured last Tuesday when an inmate pushed his way out of his cell.

A worker said she was attempting to put an inmate in a cell with Christobal Martinez-Rodriguez, 22, when he noticed him standing in front of the doorway.

The jailer said she ordered Martinez-Rodriguez to move then opened the cell. Martinez-Rodriguez then pushed his way out and refused to go back inside the cell.

Another jailer came to help and was engaged in a fight with Martinez-Rodriguez. The second jailer sustained bruises and a cut behind his ear.

The injured jailer said that during the fight, Martinez-Rodriguez tried to stab him with a pen.

Martinez-Rodriguez was being held on a marijuana possession charge. He has now been charged with assault.