Yellow Cab president: We're not done

Vehicle-for-hire industry welcomes competition

SAN ANTONIO – Uber's nine month pilot program is already underway in San Antonio. The transportation network company is now in direct competition with the local taxi and limo industry for customers.

John Bouloubasis - president of the city's largest cab company, Yellow Cab - welcomes the new competition, but he said the playing field is uneven.

"They're a competitor in the vehicle-for-hire industry and they don't have to abide by the same rules and regulations," said Bouloubasis.

Bouloubasis believes it is unfair that cab and limo drivers must undergo fingerprint background checks before they can legally drive in San Antonio. Uber drivers have the option to undergo fingerprinting.

Bouloubasis believes that compromises public safety, while companies like Uber and Lyft continue to stand behind their background checks.

"It's not 'if,' it's 'when' something bad is going to happen, as it's done in all the other cities," Bouloubasis said. "Any time you have a competitor come in with unequal rules and regulations, it is going to be a bad thing. It's going to infect the industry."

Bouloubasis said he and other cab and limo company leaders are in conversations with the city about amending the policies governing their industry.