Tuesday Traffic Tip: Roundabout driving rules

SAN ANTONIO – There aren't many roundabouts in San Antonio, so it can be a little confusing for some drivers when they run into them.

Andra Kiser made the following post on KSAT-12's Facebook page:

"I appreciate you trying to educate people on rules of the road! If only they'd pay attention - to you AND the rules. Could you please do one of the traffic tips on roundabouts/traffic circles and the use of turning signals in the roundabout? I learned them while in another country and don't know if they are necessarily the same here."

Officer Marcus Trujillo offers this advice:

"We do have a couple so you have to keep in mind that the folks within the roundabout - those vehicles already have priority. They have the right of way inside the roundabout, so you have to wait your turn and wait until there's sufficient room for you to enter the roundabout. Make sure you use your turn signals both entering and exiting the roundabout."