NISD releases results of internal review into bus drivers

District says drivers made right decisions

SAN ANTONIO, Texas – An internal review of the actions of three bus drivers during a flood event in late October concluded that each driver acted appropriately.

"These people...acted in the best interest of those kids on the bus, and that was their goal," said Assistant Director of NISD Transportation Charles Rentschler.

Video taken from bus security cameras on the morning of Oct 30 shows the danger the drivers faced that morning. Realizing that the drive was becoming too treacherous two bus drivers pulled over before returning back to district transportation headquarters. Students on a bus headed to Los Reyes Elementary had to be rescued as water began filling up the large vehicle.

In the video, one driver told a concerned parent that he was aware of the volatile situation.

"The low-water crossing in here is getting high so I may not be able to get back through, but I'll call the school and tell them if there's a delay. Don't worry," the bus driver said.

The district found that none of the drivers crossed any low water barriers, because none had been put up. Officials also said no flood warning lights were activated, and some were inoperable.

"They're trained not to go around high-water crossings or go through those lights," Rentschler said. "This is a circumstance to where they didn't have that opportunity."

The district plans to work with Bexar County and the city of Grey Forest to correct the mistakes. NISD Police and transportation department staff will also assess road conditions before allowing buses to begin their routes.

All three drivers have returned to service.