Children teaching lessons of love after Paris attack

Three sisters put the Eiffel Tower in their Lavaca neighborhood front yard

SAN ANTONIO – In a digital age, life and its challenges don’t seem so far away. For the Casis family that reality hit close to home as the youngest in the family watched the tragedy in Paris unfold on their iPad.  

"I'm in first grade and my name is Avalon.  I'm in third grade and I'm Harmony.  I'm in fifth grade and I'm Serenity," they say with such innocence.

When the sisters saw the horrors unfolding in France their young hearts poured out. So they went to their father after he returned from work and asked him if he'd help them bring the Eiffel Tower from their backyard to put in the front yard.  

"The Eiffel Tower's actually a Quineanera cake stand and we use it for props for event parties and Sweet 16s and dinner parties.” David Casis said, “So it’s been back there for a while and the girls were like, ‘Oh my God we have an Eiffel Tower. Let’s get it outside on the front porch.’"

Casas said his girls have demonstrated empathy and compassion beyond their years. Sisters Avalon, Harmony and Serenity expressed sentiments that grown-ups throughout the world have been grappling with.