Don't Be Fooled: FTC warns of "secret sister" gift exchange

Exchanges considered form of illegal gambling


The Federal Trade Commission has issued a warning about a “secret sister” gift exchange that has been circulating social media in recent weeks.

The FTC warns “Don’t pay or yule be sorry.”

Posts about this gift exchange ask that you buy one $10 gift, send it to a ‘secret sister’ and you could receive up to 36 gifts in return.

You remove a secret sister’s name from the list, add your name and personal information and then send the list to six other participants.

The U.S. Postal Service considers these types of gift exchanges a form of illegal gambling.

It could also allow your personal information to fall into the hands of strangers who may not keep it so secret.

The FTC adds that many social media sites do not allow users to solicit money or gifts, so participating could compromise your account. 

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