Family offers reward for stolen laptop, hope surveillance video will help

The family's TV, PlayStation 3, tools, a tablet and jewlery were stolen

SAN ANTONIO – A family, coming back from Thanksgiving vacation, returns to their home in shambles and with some of their most treasured items missing.

Ivan, who only wanted to give his first name, and his family are now offering a reward in hopes of getting one of their most prized possessions back.

He said it was the last thing they expected to find when they returned from their Thanksgiving vacation.

"Our door was kicked in," said Ivan. "And, the first thing we noticed, our TV was missing and the apartment looked like it was tossed."

However, Ivan also found video from their surveillance camera, which showed three people in a dark-colored 2001- 2004 Ford Explorer, pull up to his apartment.

On the video, one of the men can be seen knocking on the door, returning to the SUV and then getting out of the vehicle and knocking on the door again.

"He knocks again," said Ivan. "And, when he sees nobody is home, he proceeds and goes around to my balcony. He jumps the gate area and proceeds to start kicking aggressively, trying to get in, kicking my door."

The man went back to the front door and kicked it in.

In the end, the family's TV, their PlayStation 3, a new set of tools, a tablet, his wife's jewelry box were all taken.

However, Ivan said the biggest loss was what  was saved in the family's 2007 model white Apple Mac Book.

"It's an old laptop," said Ivan. "But, we kept all our family pictures, our daughters being born. There are videos of them growing up and our happy times and it felt like they were stripped from us."

If you have any information on this incident or if you recognize the man on this video, you are asked to call Prue Property Crimes at 207-7425.

The family is offering a $300 reward for  the return of the laptop.

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