Taco-bout a mishap: City accidentally covers pop-up art piece

City thought it was graffiti and apologized on Thursday

SAN ANTONIO – The simple spray painted sign at the Mother’s Window Tint office at East Grayson and East Elmira read “I love you tacos so much.” Luis Munoz’s homage to an Austin graffiti fixture was an idea planted by a trip to the city a few months ago.

“I was watching all these people taking pictures with it,” said Munoz. “I started imagining in my head, 'You know, I want to do something like that for San Antonio.'”

So on Monday, with the building owner’s permission, he tagged the wall with his pop-up art piece and encouraged people to take pictures and hashtag them on Instagram to raise money for a children’s charity. The owner of Mother’s and Viva Tacoland across the street agreed to make similar donations. The idea took off until Wednesday afternoon.

“A friend of mine said he was going to come by and I said I'd meet him there,” he said. “I'm driving I'm literally eating in my car and I drop my food and I pulled up to it and saw that it was just a grey square.”

The city’s graffiti abatement department has been in high gear in the area in preparation for this Sunday’s Rock ’n’ Roll marathon, which runs nearby. Workers have covered nearly 800 graffiti pieces along the route.

“Two guys from the city just showed up and thought it was graffiti and I'm like, those are my first two critics right there,” he said. “They're like, 'This isn't art, it's just bad graffiti.’”

City officials did apologize and by Thursday afternoon Munoz had put up version 2.0 and it was already the star of several new photos.

“It was an honest mistake,” said Munoz. “That's their job, to clean up graffiti, so I can't be upset with them for that.”

The city has let him know they don’t plan to cover up this next version and he has high hopes for this one.

“I hope it stays forever. Maybe it'll be like the Austin wall.”