Fire destroys Converse house of family away from home

Family members calls to say house was on fire early Saturday

CONVERSE, Texas – A Converse family was awakened by a phone call from a family member while away on a nearby fishing trip. The family member told them that their house was on fire.

For the Shumann family, there were some tense moments because they had a pair of four-legged loved ones inside.

"But it got pretty much most of the house and, of course, the water damage that goes with all of that," David Shumann said.

Shumann and his wife, Brenda, have lived in a Quail Ridge home in Converse for nearly three decades.

He said around 2:30 a.m. Saturday, his brother-in-law called and said that his home was burning.

"We was at the lake and then, of course, the neighborhood called and said, 'You need to get home. Your house is on fire," Shumann said.

Shumann, who works for a concrete contractor in the area, said his kids are grown and no longer live at home. But 14-year-old Olivia and 15-year-old Oliver had to be rescued.

"Yeah, we got two small Fox Terriers and luckily they made it out all right. The neighbors got them and the whole bit," Shumann said.

Shumann said insurance adjusters told him his home was probably a total loss. He said they’ll live in a hotel, covered by insurance, for upwards of four months. He said he's grateful the fire wasn't worse.

"We're disappointed naturally, but you know hey, everybody's safe, nobody got hurt and all the pets are fine, so we're OK. We'll get through this," Shumann said.

The Salvation Army, Red Cross, San Antonio Food Bank, Catholic Relief and Christian Assistance all pitched in at the Shumann's home to help them in the aftermath of losing their home.