Woman raises money to purchase house for homeless woman

Locals feared homeless woman dead before her return

SAN ANTONIO – Cindy Stiggers says she's brought food, clothing and blankets to Dhalia Jones for years.

Stiggers, a retired school teacher, said her routine was interrupted in February 2015 when Jones suddenly disappeared.

"We had no idea where she went. Many thought she was dead. She was gone for 10 months but showed up a few weeks ago," Stiggers said.

Jones had been struck by a car in a hit-and-run accident while crossing Martin Luther King Drive and spent 10 months recovering in the hospital. Already with a prosthetic leg, she now uses a wheelchair.

Stiggers said that she was elated when she discovered Jones was still alive.

"I was mystified. There was a chain of cars pulling up along the curbside at 3235 Martin Luther King Drive to say hello and offer their support," Stiggers said.

Before her accident and hospital stay, Jones had been sleeping on the porch of a home near Stiggers for several years.

After conducting some research, Stiggers discovered that the home belongs to a person in Maryland and is valued at just under $20,000.

Stiggers, who was once a top seller of Girl Scout cookies in the early 1960s, decided to initiate an attempt to purchase the home for Jones.

She set up a GoFundMe account to raise money to purchase the home.

Stiggers estimates that she needs about $50,000 to buy the home, pay off small lien and do renovations.

Immediately after this story aired on KSAT 12, an electrician called to offer his services to Stiggers' effort.