25,000+ pound the pavement for SA Rock 'n' Roll Marathon

Marathon champion tells KSAT win "means the world to him"

SAN ANTONIO – More than 25,000 people raced through the streets of the Alamo City Sunday to be part of the 8th annual Humana Rock 'n' Roll marathon.

They all took off at the sound of the horn: half-marathoners, full-marathoners, young runners and runners like Joe McGlothlin, who says age is just a number!

"I'm 82," McGlothlin said proudly.

This was McGlothlin's 15th marathon and he says there's one reason he keeps coming back for more.

"I like running with the girls!" he chucked, pointing to his two running partners.

McGlothlin is a Texas boy, but thousands of people came from all over the country and the world to run the marathon in San Antonio.

Michele Bryceland came from Virginia Beach to run the half-marathon with her brother.

"We got in last night about 10:30 actually! We came in really late so just made it. Went straight to bed and got up at 4:30 this morning," Bryceland said.

Whether these runners came from the other side of town or the other side of the world, crossing that finish line made it all worth it.

The happiest of them all was marathon winner Mark Greene, who is from San Antonio.

Once the champion caught his breath, he told KSAT how important the win was for him.

"It means everything. I'm born and raised in San Antonio all my life. I'm just doing it for my city, doing it for my family, for God. It means the world to me," he said.

He didn't take the lead until mile 22 and it was a tough race against true competitors. Greene said winning took a lot of heart.

"I was talking to myself during the race. I was like, 'I can! I will!' I kept on shouting that to myself," Greene said.

It was a moment of glory for Greene, running in a winning time of 2:31:31, and one of pride for San Antonio.

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