'Angel Tree' hands out gifts after another successful year

Nearly 8,000 gifts going out to families in need

SAN ANTONIO – The Angel Tree program is chalking 2015 up as another successful year.

"She got the car that she wanted, I’m so happy because I saw it... and that's what she wanted for Christmas,” said Alicia Sanchez, as she described a present that would soon be going to one of her three children.

Sanchez’s son will also be getting a toy airplane, while her other daughter will find a scooter under the tree on Christmas morning.  The toys were given to Sanchez through the Salvation Army’s ‘Angel Tree’ program. 

"I work a lot; I barely see my kids,” said Sanchez, who is a single mother. “But, they’re going to be happy."

An appreciative Sanchez was not the only one.  In fact, hundreds of parents lined up on Friday as volunteers doled out presents to families in need of help to fulfill their children’s Christmas wish list.

The decades-old Angel Tree program allows the community members to ‘adopt’ a child who may not receive much for Christmas due to his or her family’s financial situation. 

Hundreds of volunteers on Friday could be seen gathering and organizing presents. 

"It’s a lot of work getting 8,000 gifts together for kids,” said Major Tracey Czajkowski of the Salvation Army.

There were enough toys to fill an entire warehouse as many parents, visibly grateful, waited in line to receive the gifts.

"We are so blessed and grateful for this opportunity,” said Monica Rico.

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