Chief McManus: No credible threat, but be aware

'Don't let this throw your life off. Do what you're going to do,' McManus said

SAN ANTONIO – December is shaping up to be a busy month not only for those who enjoy the spirit of the season, but also those who work to keep us safe.

With a lot of events going on over the next few weeks, including the movie “Star Wars” opening Thursday night, shopping, and the holidays, there seem to be a lot of rumors about terrorist plots, and so called “soft targets.”

There are rumors that San Antonio Police Chief William McManus has heard about. And he is eager to separate fact from fiction.

“We know of no credible threats. We have no intelligence that indicates anything is coming our way, or anything is going on here," McManus said.

He does acknowledge that the threat of terrorist attacks are casting a shadow over this holiday season, and potential threats similar to what happened in San Bernadino, California, have certainly caught the attention of law enforcement agencies. McManus said he watched the incident unfold with empathy for the victims and his fellow “brothers in blue.”

"No chief wants to go thru something like that ever," McManus said.

San Antonio police and McManus have frequent briefings with the FBI and other local agencies to keep them updated on what is happening nationwide, and around the corner. There are also lessons to be learned from past attacks, in almost every case somebody saw something suspicious, and didn't say anything.

"If folks see something out there that makes them suspicious or they sense in their gut that something is not right, or is out of whack, tell us. Don't be afraid to tell us. We're not going to be mad at you for telling us. Even if it's wrong, we hope it's wrong, even if it's wrong we want to know about it," McManus said.

He hopes if people see something they will say something. The chief offers this advice for the holiday season:

"Don't let this throw your life off. Do what you're going to do, go where you're going to go, but be aware."

Good advice no matter the day on the calendar.

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