SAFD running fireworks hotline New Year's Eve

SAN ANTONIO – The San Antonio Fire Department wants you to call them on their (cell) phone late night New Year's Eve.

The department's fireworks hotline will be open for residents to report illegal fireworks use in the city limits.

They know when that hotline rings it can only mean one thing -- illegal fireworks in the city limits.

"It's illegal to use fireworks within the city of San Antonio," said Christian Bove of the SAFD. "That's why we have a fireworks hotline set up on New Year's eve. While it is illegal, it's not necessarily an emergency. And so they're tying up our phone lines at 911 trying to report people with fireworks. So we want to give those people an outlet."

There's no need to stay at home, though. The Fire Department says residents can enjoy fireworks at the city's professional show.

"As many details as you can provide us is going to be the most helpful," Bove said. "Not just that they're in this neighborhood firing off fireworks. If you can give us specific addresses."

For a safe, legal place to enjoy fireworks, residents are encouraged to head over to HemisFair Park at midnight to "Celebrate San Antonio" in the shadows of the Tower of the Americas.

The number to call New Year's Eve if you see or hear illegal fireworks is 210-207-0202. The hotline will be open 7 p.m. to 12:30 a.m.

"We recommend that the public go check out Celebrate SA downtown," Bove said. "They've got a beautiful fireworks display put on by professionals."