Family adopts pit bull once doused with acid

Rosie finds forever home for holidays

Image courtesy Animal Care Services.
Image courtesy Animal Care Services.

SAN ANTONIO – A pit bull named Rosie who was once doused with hydrochloric acid by an abusive owner has found a new adoptive home just in time for the holidays.

Animal Care Services said on Monday that the 5-year-old dog has recovered after she suffered deep chemical burns to 100 percent of her face and head in late July.

The acid, which is strong enough to eat through concrete, burned off one of Rosie's ears, disfigured the other and left her blind.

She has been recovering at ACS and foster care and was placed with one of the families that applied to adopt her, ACS said.

ACS said Rosie has regained her sight and grew back much of her missing fur, which was lost in the attack.

Ignacio Sanchez Alvarez, 45, was arrested in August in connection with the attack and charged with animal cruelty and torture.