New to Texas? Here's how to get your driver's license

SAN ANTONIO – Sixteen thousand people currently living out of state are expected to move to Bexar County in 2016.

One of the first things they’ll have to do is get a driver’s license.

“You have up to 90 days to get your Texas driver’s license,” Texas Department of Public Safety Trooper Orlando Moreno said.

A person may drive in Texas with a valid, non-expired out of state license for up to 90 days before surrendering it at a DPS Driver’s License Office.

Drivers must first register their vehicle with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles and be able to provide proof of insurance before obtaining a driver’s license.

People can check the TXDPS website before heading to a driver’s license center people to see what documents they need to take. Certain locations also allow online check in so someone can already be in cue before they arrive at the location.

There are five DPS driver’s license offices in and around the San Antonio area, according to Moreno. The trooper said it’s common for people who get pulled over to not understand the driver’s license requirements.

Texas State Demographer Lloyd Potter told the Defenders the San Antonio metro area is growing quickly. Bexar County landed sixth in the nation last year for the number of new residents.

“People generally don’t move to a place unless they are going to be gainfully employed to pay rent, buy a house, make car payments,” Potter said.

He added low cost of living contributes to people’s desire to move here.

If recent trends continue, more people are expected to move into Bexar County than leave in upcoming years.

The San Antonio-Leon Valley Mega Center DPS location currently serves 600 people a day. Courtesy clerks get people ready for the road after they take the required tests, give some fingerprints and provide payment. The process moves a lot quicker if someone goes into the driver’s license center prepared.