12 cars broken into at movie theater parking lot

Police warn about rise in similar crimes during holiday season

A dozen cars were vandalized and broken into at the Cinemark 16 parking lot at Loop 410 and Evers on Tuesday night.

While police try to find who is responsible, they're warning the public about how popular this crime is this time of the year.

"There was glass all over the bottom, there was glass all here, and everything. It was even on the other side. I was even afraid for my son to be in the back seat," said Deborah Lopez-San Miguel, while pointing to the shattered glass from her window that was all over her car.

Lopez-San Miguel left the theater Tuesday night to find her car and 11 others had been broken into. Windows were shattered and pieces of spark plugs, a common break-in weapon, were left behind. What wasn't left behind was a group of personal items stolen from the car, including some of her son's Christmas presents.

"His Nintendo 3DS game," Lopez-San Miguel said.

"I was sad because my cousin gave it to me," her son said."That's not cool for anybody to do, especially around the holidays and I want these people found," she said.

Unfortunately, the holidays are when criminals strike the most. Police said this is a peak time for these types of thefts because of the holiday gifting season. Officers said items need to be put in places where they can't be seen, like a trunk. Never leave things in plain sight. They also suggest not bringing them at all if you'll be away from your car in a crowded parking lot.

"I told my son to please hide it and I don't know why he didn't listen to me," Lopez-San Miguel said. "From now on, I'm going to make sure he just leaves it at home.

"Managers at the Cinemark 16 confirm there is no surveillance video at the theater but detectives are looking for fingerprints and any other clues that may lead to suspects and the things they stole.Anyone with information about the break-ins is asked to call San Antonio Police Department Pru Property Crimes at 210-207-8326.

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