Pet experts call NYE deadliest night of the year for dogs

While humans love a good show to welcome a new year, pups don't

SAN ANTONIO – Ringing in the new year away from home?

Hopefully people remembered to make sure their pets are safe.

San Antonio pet experts say New Year’s Eve can be the deadliest night of the year for dogs.

While humans love a good show to welcome a new year, pups don’t.

“Dogs’ ears are 10 times more sensitive than humans,” Kim Smith, Pawderosa Ranch Dog Boarding and Daycare owner, said. “The loud noises of the fireworks, along with the big booms, can really cause them severe anxiety and stress them out.”

Smith said even though an owner has never seen their dog chew through a crate, dig under a gate or jump out of a window doesn’t mean they wouldn’t when frightened.

The owners of 65 dogs trusted the Pawderosa Ranch staff at the airport location to watch over their pets while welcoming 2016. On a typical night, capacity is normally at 40.

Can’t stay home with a pet or leave them with someone trustworthy? The best advice is to leave them in the most secure room in a home with the TV on, some water and their ID tags on their collar.

Smith has a tip for those on the roads, too.

“Watch where you’re driving. Make sure you pay attention because there might be a dog ready to cross the road at any minute,” Smith said.

Following this advice may help prevent fewer hurt or dead animals on the side of the road come New Year’s Day.