Shots fired into home narrowly miss sleeping boy

SAPD: Shooter may have targeted wrong home

SAN ANTONIO – Shots fired into a near North Side home missed hitting a sleeping 9-year-old boy by mere inches, according to members of his family.

The boy’s grandmother first noticed bullet holes in the boy’s bedroom wall around 7:30 a.m. Monday. Her daughter, the boy’s mother, called San Antonio police to the home in the 900 block of West Lullwood Avenue.

Officers who responded used small yellow markers to map out at least eight areas outside the home where they found shell casings.

Janie Rivera said it appears the bullets hit more than just her son’s bedroom wall. She said she also noticed holes in a sofa outside on the porch.

"Right above the pillow,” she said. “It hit right there and that's where I smoke all the time."

"The bullet hit the gate. It could've hit my son but it hit the gate and got lodged in there,” Rivera said, reflecting on her family’s close call.

Rivera and her son share the home with her parents. They all said they were baffled by the apparent attack, wondering who might have fired the shots.

It appears they all slept through the gunfire, although Rivera recalls hearing a late night commotion.

"I heard something, I thought, at 11:30 p.m.,” she said. “I thought it was fireworks. I was hoping it was fireworks. I did hear glass cracking."

None of it alarmed her, though. Rivera said she assumed the noise was coming from a nearby alley.

Officers at the scene said they’re looking into the possibility that the family may not have been the intended target and that the shooter may have targeted the wrong home.

No one was hit by the gunfire.

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