Reaction from lawmakers on Obama's executive action on gun control

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Following is reaction from local and state lawmakers on President Barack Obama's executive action on gun control:

U.S. Rep. Lamar Smith

“The president’s actions punish law-abiding citizens. Our country would be much safer if he were half as tough on criminals as he is on innocent Americans. Nothing in the president’s proposal would have prevented the recent killings that took place. I will continue to oppose all efforts by this administration to undermine the Second Amendment freedoms guaranteed to every citizen.

“Americans are tired of President Obama’s repeated attempts to enact his extreme agenda through executive orders. These executive actions have never been about the will of Americans, they are about checking off the remaining items on a far-left agenda as this administration fades into the sunset.”

U.S. Sen. John Cornyn

“Like the rest of the nation I am saddened by the horrific acts of mass violence that have struck our communities, but the measures announced today threaten our constitutional rights and would not solve the problem.

“An unwillingness to find common ground and achieve compromise has been a hallmark of this President’s tenure, and this issue is unfortunately no different. Rather than unilaterally impose a gun control agenda that’s unlawful and strips the constitutional rights of elderly Americans, the President should better enforce current law and work with Congress on legislation reforming our mental health system.

“Legislation I’ve introduced, the Mental Health and Safe Communities Act, would strengthen the existing background check system without expanding it and improve treatment, preventative screening and crisis response for individuals with mental illness.

“If the President would roll up his sleeves and work with the bipartisan coalition in Congress who support legislation reforming our mental health system, together we could help prevent many of these tragedies from happening in our communities.”

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