Thieves break into wounded warrior's new house

Builder: ‘I'd like to see them publicly shamed'

LEON VALLEY, Texas – The thieves who broke into a wounded warrior’s new house overnight should be “publicly shamed,” said builder Bill Hager.

“This is a clearly marked project for a wounded soldier,” Hager said. “It should be untouchable.”

Hager said he wonders if the thieves saw or even cared about the sign on the front lawn proclaiming the house is being made possible through Homes for Our Troops, a New England-based group helping build mortgage-free, specially adapted houses for severely injured veterans.

Homes for Our Troops chose Army Sgt. Luis Alvarado, who lost both of his legs to an improvised explosive device in Afghanistan just over four years ago.

Alvarado is still undergoing treatment and therapy for his injuries.

“This guy is an American hero,” Hager said. “Then to have an individual or individuals do this, that’s as low as it gets.”


Hager said the thieves pried open an exterior side door, giving them access to the garage used to store about $20,000 in appliances and construction equipment.

“They got the washer, dryer, refrigerator, all brand new, all donated by Whirlpool,” Hager said.

Hager said he’s confident Homes for Our Troops and its sponsors will replace what was stolen in time for the Jan. 16 ceremony where the Alvarado family will be presented the keys to their new 2,760-square foot, four-bedroom house.

“We have every intention of meeting that date regardless,” Hager said.

But he said first he’ll have to replace the generators, compressors, saws and other construction equipment before they can resume work.

Hager said he believes the thieves only left behind what they couldn’t carry off in their vehicle or trailer.

He said he hopes pawn shops or the public will contact the San Antonio Police Department if they have any information.