Uber looks to hire military veterans as drivers

Get Me to begin operation in SA this month

SAN ANTONIORideshare company Uber is looking to hire thousands of San Antonio's veteran population to join the ranks of its drivers.

"They love the flexible work Uber provides, and, as you know, San Antonio has a very large military veteran community," said Chris Nakutis, the general manager of Uber in Texas.

Nakutis and San Antonio Mayor Ivy Taylor attended a Work on Demand event Wednesday to thank current drivers and encourage more drivers to sign up.

"We are focusing on our veterans, military folks, in using this as an employment option for them as they transition out of the military," Taylor said.

There are some 600 military drivers taking advantage of the work, especially during a transition period.

"Unlike a lot of positions that you have to interview for and/or wait for them to call you, as soon as you pass the background check and do all the essentials that Uber qualifies for you to do, you can get going and you work at your discretion. The sky is the limit," said David Tolliver, an Air Force veteran and Uber driver.

Military veterans may have another rideshare company to chose from. Get Me is about to begin operations in San Antonio. It does ridesharing but also puts an emphasis on picking up and delivering items, as well as shopping for clients.

"If you're mulching your yard and you need more mulch, for example, you can actually have a large item delivered from Home Depot," said Jonathan Laramy of Get Me.

Get Me begins operation in San Antonio Jan. 14.

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