Police search for suspect in abduction of girl, 7

Girl found; was reportedly taken from LuLu's Cafe restaurant

SAN ANTONIO – A search is underway for a man who reportedly took a 7-year-old girl from LuLu's Cafe restaurant north of downtown when her parents were using the restroom.

San Antonio police received notice about the abduction case after 12 a.m. Thursday. They launched a search for the girl throughout the area and located her shortly before 1 a.m. near a Jack in the Box restaurant at San Pedro and Euclid avenues.

Officers at the scene said the man apparently dropped off the child in the drive-thru area, then took off. They reunited her with her parents at a nearby convenience store.

Police did not say whether the girl had been harmed in any way.

They said the parents told them they had been pushing their 7-year-old in a stroller in the area of the Bazan library after midnight when a man offered them a ride.

The couple told investigators that when they asked the man where they could find a restaurant that was still open at that hour, he took them to LuLu's Cafe. They said they both went to  the restroom at the same time and left their sleeping daughter at the table with the man. However, when they returned the man and their child were gone.

The parents then called police, who launched a search for the girl and man.

The alleged abductor is described as being 5 feet tall and missing some teeth. Police said he was driving a burgundy colored Chevy Suburban.

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