Political writer: Trump won't be president

Morning Consult reporter's top 10 list of what to watch out for in politics

SAN ANTONIO – Donald Trump will not be the next president. That’s according to Morning Consult editor Reid Wilson, whose No. 1 thing to watch out for in politics this year includes a crystal ball prediction that the billionaire will not be taking the oath as president next year. 

Wilson wrote “The 10 Things That Will Happen in Politics in 2016” and talked all about the biggest story of the year: the presidential race. 

Why won’t Trump win? Wilson believes he runs on the limelight and is a winning kind of guy. But once support starts diminishing, Wilson said, the bottom will start to fall out on Trump’s campaign. 

Secondly, Wilson said whoever is the first to beat Trump will be the nominee. That’s debatable at this point. Wilson thinks so far, Ted Cruz, a Republican Senator from Texas, has the best shot at that. But not far behind Cruz is Marco Rubio, a Senator from Florida. 

Also making Wilson’s top 10 list: the party that wins the White House will win the senate (the House, he said, will go to Republicans); folks will get to know a guy named John Ryder, general counsel for the Republican National Committee; and that at least five more states, possibly more, will legalize marijuana. 

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