Failing pipe forces SAWS to cut water to hundreds

Thousands affected while crews fix water main

SAN ANTONIO – A failing water main has SAWS crews scrambling to fix the issue.

The leaking pipe is located at Loop 1604 and Judson Road.

For over two decades Sharon Kavanaugh has called the Vista community home.

"I've never seen a sign like that before in my subdivision. So I stopped to read it and it said water?" she said.

Kavanaugh is one of about 650 people living in her neighborhood inside Loop 1604 and Judson Road that does not have water as repairs are being made.

SAWS representative Anne Hayden says crews discovered the failing 48-inch main, and are now working to solve the water trouble.

But Hayden says the big fix will cause water problems for about 6,400 homes. They will have water, but with reduced pressure.

Hayden says it'll take SAWS crews most of the weekend to repair the leaking water main.

Bottled water will be provided to people in the Vista neighborhood while their water is off.

Hayden says while water to the Vista neighborhood should be back on sometime Sunday, it could be Monday evening before water to that area has been approved for drinking.

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