School district using technology to report suspected cyberbullying

Submissions can be made anonymously if the person reporting them chooses

SAN ANTONIO – Judson Independent School District has developed an app for student and teachers, to report among other things bullying.

The app is getting renewed attention after a 16-year-old student at another district committed suicide after his family said he was cyberbullied.

San Antonio police are looking into the allegations.

"Bullying can come in a lot of different forms.  What seems to be the venue of choice obviously is through social media,” said Steve Linscomb with Judson ISD.

To use it, parents and student can download the app and choose from three different options: bullying, crime or waste of district resources.

"When that is submitted, it goes to our student services department to see whether that is a legitimate complaint," Linscomb explained.

Submissions can be made anonymously if the person submitting them chooses.

Linscomb said while technology can be used for malicious purposes, “Technology can really be a way of reporting those kinds of things that are going on."