Prayer walk held as community confronts bullying allegations

David Molak, 16, killed himself last week, family says he was bullied

ALAMO HEIGHTS, Texas – Ashlee Kinsel says a higher power led her to organize a prayer walk around Alamo Heights High School Sunday, two days after a former student was laid to rest.

"Yesterday morning the Lord just put it on my heart to gather the community at the high school," she said.

Last week the family of David Molak, 16, found the teen dead in the family’s backyard. They say cyberbullying led him to kill himself.

Kinsel hopes the prayer vigil will help those grieving.

Longtime family friends Joan and Rev. Robert Carabin said more than prayer is needed.

"We have to teach kids that the image you don't have to be perfect. Nobody's perfect. If you try too hard to be perfect, you're going to have an unhappy life," Robert Carabin said.

The former teachers feel there is a deeper issue in Alamo Heights, which many prefer not to talk about; the small, wealthy community’s focus on image. They said that is fueling bullying in the town.

“They have to stop and listen if a teacher tries to tell them something. No my kid is not always right," said Joan Carabin.

For the moment, Kinsel and others in the small town hope prayer will help turn a new leaf.

"That encouragement and that love would live in each and every one of these kids and there would be a shift on this campus," she said.