Bexar DA releases new documents in Gilbert Flores case

Witness statements detail what happened inside and outside home before shooting

SAN ANTONIO – The Bexar County District Attorney's Office released new documents Wednesday from the deputy-involved fatal shooting of Gilbert Flores last August.

The documents were requested by KSAT 12 News following a grand jury's decision not to indict the two deputies who shot Flores in his front yard.

Flores was armed with a knife and appeared to put his hands up in surrender just before the deputies opened fire, killing him.

The new documents were statements from several witnesses, including Flores' parents.

The statements reveal new information about what was going inside and outside the Flores home in the minutes before bystanders began recording video of the deadly encounter.

In a statement provided by Gilbert Flores' mother, Carmen Flores, she explains her son's state of mind in the days leading up to the fatal encounter.

She told investigators her son was "upset because he felt he couldn't provide for his family. He had back issues and was still living at home, which frustrated him. This made Gilbert feel like he wasn't a man."

Carmen Flores told investigators her son "stormed off" to his room after she spoke to him and moments later heard Gilbert's wife scream.

When she went to his bedroom to see what happened, she saw the wife's injuries, telling deputies, "her entire right side of her face was swollen and red and her right eye was already swollen shut."

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As she told her husband about the injuries, Carmen Flores said she heard a second scream come from the bedroom. This time when she went back to check on her daughter-in-law she "was on the floor, covering her face with both hands, and when she lifted her hands, blood was all over her face and down her nightgown and her legs."

At that point, she told her husband to call 911.

Statements provided by responding paramedics said they arrived at the home before deputies, so they stayed back and waited.

One paramedic told investigators what happened when the first deputy arrived. He said he witnessed the deputy approach the front door and "almost immediately began to back up, and we could see that a male subject was advancing on him."

The paramedic said the deputy was protecting himself with a shield, and Gilbert Flores picked up two metal folding chairs that he then used as a shield before throwing them at the deputy.

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The paramedic said he "could see that the male subject had a knife," and he was "pointing and waving the knife at the deputy."

Another paramedic told investigators "the officer kept backing up while the subject kept walking toward the officer. I observed this male subject charge toward the officer with the knife."

At one point, Gilbert Flores retreated into the home and talked to his nephew, who was also living at the home.

The nephew said his uncle "hugged me and said 'I'm going out like a G. Today is the day that I'm going to die.'"

The nephew went to his room and watched from a window as the deputy tried to use his Taser on Gilbert Flores, but it missed.

A short time later, the second deputy arrived at the home. Gilbert Flores was back outside and still charging at the officers.

At one point, he turned to go back inside in the house and several witnesses stated that was when the second deputy "shot one round at the subject as he was going inside."

The shot missed Gilbert Flores. The confrontation continued in the front yard for several minutes before the deputies opened fire and killed him.

KSAT 12 News has requested all of the evidence presented to the grand jury that decided not indict the deputies.

The Flores family is suing the deputies and the Sheriff's Office.

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