Sen. Carlos Uresti recovering after treatment for blocked artery

Uresti treated for a tear in carotid artery


SAN ANTONIO – State Sen. Carlos Uresti of San Antonio was in good condition Tuesday after he underwent treatment for a blocked artery at a San Antonio hospital.

According to Michael Ruggieri, the senator's spokesman, the 52-year-old was treated for a tear in his carotid artery that caused a blockage near his head.

"I had a headache and neck pain for almost a week, and on Saturday made the decision to finally get it checked out," Uresti said in a news release. "Less than two hours later, my doctor admitted me into the emergency room."

Ruggieri said the senator is in "tip-top" shape. The Democrat urged people to see a doctor if they think something is wrong, and not to wait.

"Being from the South Side, and a Marine -- I know that many men are raised with the mindset to just 'tough it out' when you have a pain," Uresti said. "You might eat healthy, exercise or train for a marathon -- you name it -- but if your body gives you a sign that something might be wrong, you need to listen and get it checked out ASAP. No amount of pride is worth your life."

Uresti said his insurance coverage was a major deciding factor in how quickly he went to see a doctor.

"If I didn't have insurance, I'm not sure I would have gone. This personal and serious experience further solidifies in my mind the importance of reducing the high rate of uninsured Texas families," Uresti said.

The senator is expected to make a full recovery and will be released from the hospital sometime mid-week.

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